Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Sunday! New coupons are here!

There are 2 inserts in the papers this week. A smartsource (SS) and a red plum (RP). I get two different newspapers on Sunday. I get a Kansas City Star (KCS) and a Lawrence Journal World (LJW). The inserts in the two papers are always slightly different.

Here are the coupons from the inserts that I am most excited about:
From the Smartsource:
Reese's BOGO Reese's, Kit Kat, Hersheys FREE, exp 2/12/11
Air Wick candle $2/1, exp 1/23/11
Reames $.50/1 exp 3/12/11
Purina Beggin $1/1, exp 3/31/11
Ludens's Cough drops $.55/1 exp 2/28/11 (only in the KCS)
Bic 3 black or 4 blade disposable shaver $2/1 exp 1/9/11 (only in the KCS)
Energizer batteries or flashlight $1/1 exp 1/31/11 (only in the KCS)
Birds Eye vegetables $.50/2, exp 1/31/11 (only in the KCS)
Welch's 64oz or 96 oz $1/1 exp 2/13/11 (only in the LJW)
Seapak $1/1 exp 1/31/11 (only in the LJW)
Pioneer Brand gravy mix $.55/2 exp 2/28/11 (only in the LJW)

From the RedPlum:
Pounch cat treats $1.50/2, exp 2/6/11
Crest whitestrips $7/1, exp 1/31/11
Duracell $1.50/1, exp 1/31/11
Axe shower gel or detailer BOGO free, exp 1/8/11
Axe bodyspray, deoderant BOGO free, exp 1/8/11

I'm sure there are other coupons this week that will end up being awesome deals in the weeks to come, but for right now, the ones I listed are the ones I am most excited about!

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