Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walgreens Trip 12/10/10: Using up register rewards about to expire!

I purchased:
3 Disney toys on sale for $5.99 each = $17.97
6 rolls Hallmark wrapping paper BOGO free = $5.97
22 Zone bars on sale for $.99 each = $21.78
12 Snickers nutcrackers on sale 3/$1 = $4
3 Nerds on sale $3/1 = $1

Subtotal before coupons = $50.72
I used:
2 $3/2 Mars Holiday coupons = -$4
22 $1/1 Zone coupons = -$22
1 $.50 Hallmark wrapping paper coupon = -$.50
4 $3 register rewards = -$12
$4 register reward = -$4
3 $2.50 register rewards = -$7.50

Subtotal after coupons: $.72
Sales tax: $5.31
Total: $6.03
Received back:
$15 Jingle Cash for purchasing $75 worth before coupons/sales
$5 Jingle Cash for purchasing 6 Hallmark items

Final cost: $9.53, which is less than the regular price of 1 of the Disney toys
(I figure my final cost by adding the register rewards/jingle cash used to pay to my total, then substracting out the jingle cash earned)

Walgreens Trip 12/10/10: Profit $1.73!

6 Hallmark tissue paper $3/1 = $2
3 Nerds $3/1 = $1

Subtotal before coupons: $3
Used 2 $1.50 register rewards= -$3

Subtotal after coupons: $0
Sales tax: $.27
Total $.27
Received back $5 register reward for purchasing 6 Hallmark products

Final cost: profit of $1.73!

Walgreens Trip 12/9/10, profit $10.33!!

I purchased:
9 Beneful dog food: on sale 3/$5 = $15
3 Duck packaging tape @ $1.19 each = $3.57
6 Hallmark tissue paper on sale 3/$1 = $2
36 Snickers Nutcrackers on sale 3/$1 = $12

Subtotal before coupons = $32.57
I used: 8 $2/1 beneful coupons = - $16
3 $1/1 Duck packaging tape coupons = - $3
6 $3/2 Mars Holiday candy coupons = - $12
1 $.99 register reward = -$.99

Subtotal after coupons = $.58
Sales tax = $3.10
Total = $3.68

And I received back:
$10 Jingle Cash for spending $50 before coupons & sale prices!
$5 Jingle Cash from Hallmark for purchasing 6 Hallmark items!

Final cost: Profit of $10.33!

My small by sweet super awesome Walmart trip! Final cost $3.06

I purchased:
Olay gift basket: $10.00
Olay lotion: $5.97
2 Pictureka card games $5.00 each
4 Duck packaging tape $1.08 each

I used:
BOGO Olay body wash get lotion free: -$5.97
4 $1/1 Duck brand packaging tape: -$4.00
2 $5/1 Pictureka card game: -$10
Subtotal $10.32
Tax: $2.74
Total $13.06
Plus the Olay gift basket comes with a certificate for a 1 year subscription to Allure magazine, but if you don't want the magazine subscription, you can submit for a $9.99 rebate check, which is what I am doing.

So final cost: Just $3.06!
And the Olay gift basket had several coupons in it!

Suede comforter for just $1.99, 2-bag cooler set for $1.49, 3-piece cosmetic bag set for $1.49!

Just go to the link below at One Stop and add this sueded comforter to your cart.
It is on sale for $6.99, down from $39.99!

Then enter the promo code CHNEG5 to score an extra $5 off.
Standard shipping is free!

Final price, just $1.99!

Or you can try this deal:

Purchase this 3-piece cosmetic set on sale for $3.99, down from $34.99

And this 2-bag cooler set on sale for $3.99, down from $34.99

Then apply the CHNEG5 discount code.
Your total will be $2.98 with free shipping!

The coupon code can help you score several other great deals as well.
Check out the site!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lego set for only $9.80!

Thanks so much to for this awesome deal on a Lego set at Walmart! Check out his blog for even more Walmart deals!

Here is a picture of the lego set:

Basically, you buy the Lego set for $29.00
The bonus is that you also get a $20 e-gift card to use online only at

Choose ship-to-store option for free shipping.
My tax was only $.80.

In the end after the gift card, I'll pay only $9.80 for this Lego Set.

Awesome deal!

12/10 Freebie Samples Roundup!

For a free sample of True products, which are flavorings for water in orange, lemon & lime, just visit:

For a free sample of Whey to Go Protein powder, just visit:

For a free sample of Natural Dynamix gummy vitamins, visit:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buy Giftcards from Dillons equals $1.00 off per gallon of gas!

Ok, if you are going to shop at Home Depot, or one of the many other stores that you can buy giftcards at Dillons for, you should stop by Dillon's first and purchase giftcards there and use them to pay at the store.


Because you get fuel points! Lots of them! Pete was going to Home Depot anyway, so he purchased $250 in giftcards as Dillons. This gave him 1000 fuel points because they have a 4x points promotion right now on gift cards.

1000 points = $1.00 off per gallon
$1.00 off per gallon = $35 off at the pump when he fills up his gigantic truck!

Awesome deal! Check it out!

Mega Madness! 65 items for $2.78!!

Dillons, mega sale time! We just had a mega sale in November, but now they are running another one! A mega sale at Dillons/Kroger is when they have mega items that are on sale, then when you purchase 10 of these items, you get an additional $5 off your purchase!
Mega Items:
6 Betty Crocker brownie mixes @ $1.49 each = $8.94
6 Gillette Deoderants @ $3.50 each = $21.00
6 2-Liters Sierra Mist @ $1.29 each = $7.74
2 Orville Reddenbachers popcorn @ $2.49 each = $4.98
10 Wolf Chili @ $1.25 each = $12.50
10 Carnation Evaporated Milk @ $.99 each = $9.90
10 BumbleBee premium tuna @ $.99 each = $9.90

Non-mega sale items:
5 Tic Tacs @ $1 each = $5
2 EverReady flashlights @ $1.25 each = $2.50
Bananas @ $.49/lb = $.49
Apples @ $1.00/lb = $.87
6 Suave Deoderants @ $.88 each = $5.28
Subtotal = $89.10
-       5 x $5 mega discounts = $25
-       3 $1/2 Betty Crocker Brownie coupons = $3 (promotional coupon booklet)
-       4 $2/1 Gillette deodorant coupons = $8
-       6 $1/1 Sierra Mist coupons = $6 (promotional coupon booklet)
-       2 $.50/1 Orville coupons = $2 (from the blinkie machine right in front of them)
-       2 Buy 2 Get 1 Free deodorant coupons = $8.98 (they gave regular price, not sale price)
-       10 $.50/1 Wolf Chili coupons (doubled) = $10 (they had coupons right in from of these for $.50/2!)
-       5 $.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk coupons = $5
-       10 $.55/1 BumbleBee Tuna coupons (doubled) = $10 (blinkie machine coupons from a couple weeks ago!)
-       5 $.75/1 Tic Tac coupons (doubled) = $5
-       2 $1/1 any Energizer brand battery or flashlight = $2
-       6 $.50/1 Suave deodorant coupons (doubled) = $6.00

Subtotal = -$1.78
Sales tax = $4.65
Final total = $2.87, for 65 items!
Earned 89 Fuel Points!!

I only expected to get $3.50 each for the BOGO Gillette deodorant coupons, so I had expected my subtotal to be $.20 + the $4.65 in tax, I expected to pay $4.85. I try to never ever have my subtotal go below zero! Some stores won’t allow this, so I just try to be safe at all stores & not make cashiers worry that must have done something wrong. Getting the full price on BOGO coupons at Dillons, and other stores, are hit & miss. Some will give you the full price because they feel that the sale price is “their” discount they are giving so you should still get it. The store will get reimbursed from the manufacturer whatever amount they write on the coupon, up to the coupon’s maximum value. Other stores, even other Dillons, will only give the sale price. I never expect the full price, but I am always very happy when I get it.

I feel that this is a small trip that could easily be duplicated and can be accomplished by just getting 6 papers per week. Several of the coupons were from the blinkie machines in the store or promotional booklets. It’s always a great idea to grab those blinkie coupons when you walk by them and hang out to them until they expire because usually the product will go on sale in a couple of weeks. Also, keep your eyes peeled for booklets from different stores or advertisers because these have coupons in them a lot of times.
And a reminder: If you have the coupons for a product that would make it free, or just a couple cents, and you won’t use the product, please consider buying it and donating it to a food pantry, school, church, or other nonprofit! Someone else may really need those items.

Free Offers! Prilosec, Garnier, Slim Fast!

Just click the link below to find out how you can get a free sample of Prilosec OTC. If you are a daily user of Prilosec, it can really save some money by getting free samples for a few days! You can also print a coupon to use for your next purchase!

Free Prilosec sample

Click on the link below if you are a Sam's Club member for a free Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Bar!

Slim-Fast offer

Click on the link below for a free sample of  Garnier Fructis and to print a coupon!

Garnier Sampe & Coupon!

Printable Coupon! $5 off $25 purchase at Dollar General!

Just click on the link below to be able to print a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Dollar General. Valid 12/11/10 only! 

$5 off $25 purchase coupon!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Seattle's Best Coffee Sample

Just click on the link below to sign up for a free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee!
It doesn't get much better than free!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Sample of Nescafe Taster's Choice

I like to do free samples for a couple of reasons.

1) Try new products for free!
2) Sometime the samples are shipped with coupons! And usually the coupons have long expiration dates!
3) If it's something I won't use/try, I can either donate it or add it as fillers in gift baskets!

Here is a link to try Nescafe Taster's Choice! taster's choice

Just fill out the info & samples will be on the way!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brita pitchers for only $8 each at Walmart!

Brita pitchers are at Walmart for $26.00 each. If you go to, you can pledge to reduce bottled water waste and get a $5 coupon off the pitchers, which you should be able to print twice (hit back, refresh).

Wal-mart also has a mail-in rebate available here: Wal-Mart mail-in rebate form.
Here’s the breakdown of the deal:
Purchase 2 Brita pitchers @ $26.00 each = $52.00
Use 2 $5 off coupons  - $10.00
Pay $42.00 out of pocket and then submit for the rebate to get $26.00 back!
Final cost is only $16, or just $8 each. Sounds like a great buy 1 and keep it & buy 1 to gift deal to me!

Rolling catalina coupons at Target!

A catalina coupon is one that prints out of the little coupon machine at the checkout. Certain products trigger specific coupons to print. Sometimes the coupon will be for an item you purchased, sometimes for a competitors items, some may be a store coupon while others will be a manufacturers coupons. Sometimes the coupons will seem to be 100% random and sometimes it may just be an advertisement or notice about an upcoming special.

Currently at Target there are 2 catalina coupons that have been "rolling" for me. This means that when I buy a product, it prints out another coupon for it, even if I use the exact same coupon on that trip.

Target has 4 packs of GE light bulbs for $2.99. When you buy a box, a coupon will print for $2.00 off! So if you buy another pack, you can pay and use that coupon & another coupon will print! To make the deal even sweeter, there is/was a target store coupon available to print from Target's website. I'm not sure if it is still available. If so, it is for $1.50/1 and you can combine it with the $2 off coupon! For the first transaction, you can use the $1/1 manufacturer coupon from the 11/21 Smartsource to get the deal rolling!

The other coupon that is rolling is $.75/1 any Up&Up brand feminine product. This is/was also available as a Target web coupon to print. They have different pantyliners for just $.89 each. Use this coupon to get them for $.14. Each time you buy 1 another coupon will print that you can use on your next transaction!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a funny I found!

Free Snickers Nutchrackers at Walgreens this week!

Here's the deal:
In the 12/5 Red Plum coupon insert, there is a coupon for $2 off any 3 Mars Holiday products listed, which includes the Snickers Nutcracker Singles.

Walgreens is having a sale this week and their Snickers Nutcrackers Singles are 3 for $1!

You should definitely be able to get 3 for free with this coupon as it is Walgreen's store policy to adjust the amount on the coupon if it is more than the selling price of the item, but to make it even better, you should actually be able to buy 6 of them free with just 1 coupon!

Awesome free stocking stuffers!

Free Johnson & Johnson 1st Aid Kit!

Head over to and print the $1 off Johnson & Johnson Red Cross coupon! You can use this to score a travel first aid kit. These are just $.97 and can be found at Wal-Mart, Target or CVS!