Saturday, December 11, 2010

Suede comforter for just $1.99, 2-bag cooler set for $1.49, 3-piece cosmetic bag set for $1.49!

Just go to the link below at One Stop and add this sueded comforter to your cart.
It is on sale for $6.99, down from $39.99!

Then enter the promo code CHNEG5 to score an extra $5 off.
Standard shipping is free!

Final price, just $1.99!

Or you can try this deal:

Purchase this 3-piece cosmetic set on sale for $3.99, down from $34.99

And this 2-bag cooler set on sale for $3.99, down from $34.99

Then apply the CHNEG5 discount code.
Your total will be $2.98 with free shipping!

The coupon code can help you score several other great deals as well.
Check out the site!

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