Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My HOT Toys 'R Us Deals

Tonight I purchased 8 games from Toys 'R Us.
I got:
Ants in the Pants - Spongebob Edition - On sale for $5
Don't Spill the Beans - On sale for $5
Cootie - On sale for $5
Don't Break the Ice - On sale for $5
Memory - Toy Story Edition - On sale for $5
Hi-Ho Cheery-O On sale for $5
Chutes & Ladders On sale for $3
Candyland On sale for $3

Subtotal: $36.00
Sales Tax: $3.22
Total $39.22
Then I received a $10 Toys R Us giftcard for purchases $35 worth of Hasbro games and I will submit the receipt for a Hasbro mail-in rebate for another $16!

So after gift card and the rebate I only paid $13.22 for all 8 games, or just $1.65 each, including sales tax. The Hi-Ho Cheery-O games at regular price is $12.99!

Here is the link for the rebate if anyone needs it: Hasbro Game Night Rebate

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